CS371p Blog Week 2

  1. What did you do this past week? This past week I mainly focused on getting ahead in my classes. I caught up on my projects and got them about 90% complete or so. I’m also still working on trying to find an internship this summer so I’ve been working on interview stuff as well.
  2. What’s in your way? To be honest, the only thing in my way lately has been myself. I’ve been finding it hard to focus and stay motivated on stuff I need to do. I get distracted or just have no desire to do the monotonous tasks I know must be completed and it’s just holding me back.
  3. What will you do next week? This next week I will continue to try and get ahead in my classes. I also plan to apply to a lot of internships and try and land some interviews. Campus is also opening up this week again, so I look forward to getting back to Quidditch practice and maybe some tennis.
  4. What did you think of Paper #1: Syllabus? This paper was only the syllabus so it was an easy read. I’ve taken a similar course with Downing before so I was also familiar with the grading system. I had a couple of questions and I don’t know if the TA’s or Downing actually ever read our comments, but they weren’t anything I couldn’t get answered simply by making a post or going to a help session or something.
  5. What was your experience of assertions and Collatz? The lecture on assertions was a good refresher, especially since no other professor ever really emphasizes the downside of them like we discussed. Collatz is an interesting conjecture and its honestly amazing how simple it is and how it always works.
  6. What made you happy this week? Simply the thought of getting back into the routine of things this past week made me happy. I went to the gym consistently, played some squash and racquetball, and just spent some time with my friends. This along with effectively managing my school schedule just felt like I accomplished something.
  7. What’s your tip-of-the-week? My tip-of-the-week is something we all know, but still something I must bring appreciation for. I highly suggest using good ol’ Youtube to learn essentially anything you want. Lately, I’ve been using it to learn new programming languages, so if you’re new to C++, I’m sure there’s a quick tutorial on there to get you familiar with the fundamentals and the syntax.




Current CS student at UT Austin sharing my journey

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Kyzer Polzin

Kyzer Polzin

Current CS student at UT Austin sharing my journey

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